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3. New policy regarding ordering death certificates from the Cook County Clerk’s Office.

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4.  The Cook County Medical Examiner's Office is now requiring e-mail addresses for all funeral homes with a fax cremation account.

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5.  The Cook County Medical Examiner's Office will require a completed Certificate of Death Worksheet when removing a deceased from the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office beginning October 3rd.

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7. Please contact FDSA Executive Director Catherine Kasper for matters that impact your funeral service

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  1. The Cook County Medical Examiners Office is in the process of implementing a new cashiering system that will roll out October 1, 2016.  ALL funeral homes who have a Fax Cremation account will need to provide the funeral homes e-mail address as well as the name of a contact person.  The contact person should be the business owner and or a licensed funeral director employed by the funeral home.  This e-mail address and contact person name  is essential for the smooth transition into the new system.  Please see the new Cover Sheet here. Fill out the new cover sheet in its entirety and re-submit  immediately.  This cover sheet now has an area for the funeral home to put in their e-mail address as well as the name of a contact person.  Please start using this new cover sheet immediately.  Please note that after September 30, no permits will be authorized through IVRS fax account until all requested information is provided.
  2. Effective October 03, 2016 ALL Illinois Funeral Homes including Funeral Directors must use the “Illinois Certificate of Death Worksheet” when removing a deceased from the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office. The required documents to remove a deceased from CCMEO are as follows; Illinois Certificate of Death Worksheet, Funeral Home release signed by the legal Next of Kin, and a copy of the funeral directors license with a photo ID attached on the same sheet.  This is a requirement for all Funeral Homes in order to remove a case from the CCMEO. No exceptions would be made.  The Certificate of Death Worksheet can be found here.
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  4. Please contact FDSA Executive Director Catherine Kasper for matters that impact your funeral service. The FDSA Board of Directors will consider the request and move forward appropriately to rectify the situation if possible. FDSA is working for you.        



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